Olive varieties and agronomy

Monday 9:00AM
  • Producing countries and main varieties
  • Orchard management
  • PDOs and Organic production

Chemical compounds related to sensorial attributes

Monday 9:00AM
  • Volatiles (positive and defects)
  • Polyphenols
  • Pigments

Harvest, postharvest and milling factors affecting olive oil quality

Monday 9:00AM
  • Olive ripening
  • Harvest and postharvest techniques
  • Milling

End user requirements

Monday 9:00AM
  • Olive oil cooking behaviour
  • Labelling, packaging, shelf-life
  • Food pairing
  • Olive oil and health

Sensorial analysis methodology

Monday 9:00AM
  • Physiology of sensory perception
  • Basics of tasting. Main defects and secondary defects
  • Positive attributes and secondary descriptors
  • Training on intensities
  • Developments in sensory analysis

Flavoured olive oils

Monday 11:45AM
  • Flavoured oils: agrumati, cold infusion, hot infusion, essences
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Oils from Portugal

5:00PM - 6:00PM


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